Message from Founder (Dr. Sanjay Chatrath)
If a developing country has to prioritize what to fix to come out of poverty - it is not corruption, not crime not infrastructure or clean water. Education is the single most important hope a developing nation has which fixes all above and almost every other problem with a great certainty. We beleive that education is a process of partnership between learners, teachers, administrators and parents. School holds no magic sticks; an honest participation from each stakeholder is a must. We must provide an environment where this collaboration can happen.
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To change the life course of our students by showing them the heights to which they can grow.

To raise awareness of global development issues amongst students and equip them with the skills & knowledge to become active global citizens.

This mission can be achieved by,

-Accepting learners as they are and then help them to improve.

-Increasing their inner capabilities of skill, will and ingenuity, so that they can become better and better.

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